At Omega Opticians we have highly qualified Optometrist who will conduct Comprehensive eye examination inclusive of Computer assisted refraction techniques as listed below

  • Anterior eye examination with slit lamp, this allows segments of the eyes to be viewed and assessed for their integrity and any infections or foreign bodies.
  • Ophthalmoscopy: this allows retinal examination for any abnormalities diseases e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Tumor etc.
  • Tonometry: This is eye pressure test -deemed necessary for over 40’s age group or where there is family history of Glaucoma. Where necessary referrals are made to the relevant specialists and necessary follow up done to ensure the patient gets proper advice and treatment.


FRAMES ; At Omega Opticians we have a wide variety of frames ranging from designer frames, budget frames and our own branded Omega frames .We pride ourselves for setting high standards in the optical field and helping our clients appreciate the need of good vision.

Contact lenses ; They form a specialized part of our practice whereby we fit rigid gas permeable lenses for Keratoconus (a Cornes condition) and soft lenses for (leisure use) cosmetic colored lenses for a  youthful look.

Sunglasses; Prescription sunglasses are made on order; these are now an important necessity in Africa where the harmful effect of UV rays is high.


At all Omega branches, you are welcome to visit us for eyeglass repairs and adjustments. Visit any of our branches near you country wide for any loose screws, bent frames and any other minor issues that hinders your eye wear comfort and vision.