About Omega Opticians

Omega Opticians Ltd. has been operational for the last 22 years. Through the principles of Ethics, Professionalism and Integrity. The company has grown to be among the top most respected and preferred optical practices in the country. At Omega Opticians we pride ourselves at providing quality eye care and value for money to all our clients by:

  • Creating a strong client focus in all our operations.
  • Continuously enhancing the quality of our Human Resource through training and development.
  • Keeping abreast with all the new developments in the optical field.

Omega opticians provides:
Comprehensive Optometry services are offered by highly qualified and experienced Optometrist and Dispensing Opticians at all branches. Personalized auxiliary services that is provided by our well trained Optical Assistants and Technicians. A holistic approach is taken in the eye examination since, eyes health  do reflect the well being of the whole body. Many diseases have been detected during an eye examination, where our professional team advises clients accordingly.