Aug 29 , 2023


The Eye: This is a sensory organ of the visual system that reacts to visible light to provide vision

  • Eating healthy foods/fruits and balanced diet. Foods such as oily fish, eggs, lean meat and poultry. Fruits including oranges, lemons, strawberries, bananas, mangoes and those rich in vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids
  • We encourage you to avoid rubbing your eyes
  • We encourage you to reduce smoking and excessive drinking
  • Using protective gears/spectacles and sunglasses to minimize glare from light emitting sources and radiations.
  • It is important to always see an eye care practitioner to regularly assess and give advises on the state of your eyes

As we get older our vision changes and the eyes fails to focus well on near objects such as reading newspapers, bible and closer objects; a condition termed as presbyopia.Age makes people more susceptible to eye diseases such as cloudy lenses (cataract), loss of central vision (ma-ocular degeneration) and increased or raised eye pressure (glaucoma). These disorders can lead to vision loss if not detected or diagnosed early. We are reminded to have an eye examination annually for adults and twice in a year for children.

Also staring at your computers, phones and laptops for long hours might cause the following: -

  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches (constant migraines)
  • Eye strains and fatigue
  • Dry eyes

In order to avoid the above, we are advised to follow certain guidelines such as:

  1. Take frequent breaks when using computers or laptops. We are advised to apply 20-20-20 rule.The first 20 minutes of the device use, take 20 seconds to focus an object at approximately 20feet to give a rest to the eye muscles.
  2. Always make sure the computer screen is situated at an arm’s length e.g. give a high five to your computer screen.
  3. Using blue light protecting glasses or filters
  4. Manage dry eyes problems by having frequent blinks when focusing on the digital devices. When focusing on our computer, laptops and phones, our blinking rate reduces. A normal blinking rate is usually between 12 - 15 times a minute. Eye drops to lubricate the eyes and making them moist are used to reduce the dryness.