Aug 29 , 2023


At Omega Opticians we provide contact lenses that correct vision problems, comfort and cosmetic contact lenses. We prescribe contact lenses for correcting refractive errors, including myopia (nearsightedness) Hyperopia, (farsightedness), Astigmatism and presbyopia.We have two classification of contact of contact lenses

1.Soft contact lenses; these are comfortable and easy to adapt to.The come in different designs and are available for different duration (Dailies, monthly and annual )

2.RGP Contact lenses; These are prescribed for more complex prescriptions and certain eye conditions.

At Omega Opticians we have qualified Optometrist who will conduct comprehensive eye examination and guide you on the most suitable contact lenses for your needs.

Advantages of contact lenses

  • They give you more natural vision than glasses
  • They rotate with the eye which limits vision blockage i.e. peripheral vision
  • In case of rain, they don’t fog or get wet

 Disadvantages of contact lenses

  • Poor hygiene will lead to eye infections
  • People having difficulty to read closer objects will have to use reading glasses to assist in near work